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Here we pride ourselves on the level of value that you will gain from working with us. Do you need virtual administrative assistance with your day-to-day operations? Need help with website design? Struggling with Social Media Management? Or maybe you just need some business advise/strategy or coaching on how to become a Virtual Assistant or start or run an online business. You have come to the right place.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

With a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs succeed, I’ll work with you to understand your goals, overcome obstacles, & capitalize on opportunities.

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer

Boost brand awareness, driving traffic, & acquire new customers with web design, social media management, online courses, & online marketing.



Turn your passion into profit and your dreams into reality with our courses as well as our coaching program that will help you to earn from your home.



Join the ranks of successful home-based entrepreneurs who have transformed their lives and businesses with the help of Phyli’s Virtual Office.



Discovery Call, evaluation and Requirement gathering


Create, Design, Mockup


Develop, Test, Review


Support to ensure things run smoothly

Who We Are

At Phyli’s Virtual Office, we understand the demands of running a business – the endless tasks, the time constraints, and the pressure to constantly innovate and grow. That’s why we’re here to offer you a solution that not only saves you time but also empowers you to focus on what truly matters: strategy, growth, and increasing your revenue. Our services are tailored to drive profit optimization, offer strategic growth solutions, facilitate revenue maximization, foster business transformation, and ensure performance enhancement.

Consult & Business Strategy sessions

Here at Phyli’s Virtual Office, we offer specialist expert consultation services which are suitable for the taste of each customer. Our areas of expertise covers strategic planning, market analysis, business development, financial management, marketing and branding, operational efficiency, human resources, risk management services, technology integration and entrepreneurial guidance. Our consultations are designed to drive tangible outcomes and benefits for your business.

From creating a strategic roadmap for growth to improving financial health and enhancing operational efficiency to launching successful enterprises thereby escaping from traditional 9-5 jobs to spend more time with their families; our clients have seen remarkable success in their businesses.

We understand that every business is different and that is why we customize our consultations based on the needs of individual customers. Take the first step towards unlocking your business potential with Phyli’s Virtual Office – Schedule a discovery call today! Click the link below to start today!


You can be the owner of a successful Virtual Assistant Business/Work-From-Home/Remote/Online Business TOO!

There are so many things that you need to know and implement in order to start a successful Online Business. We have taken away all the guesswork and years of research that is required and given you a proven system that we use that will take you to a place of replacing and tripling your 9-5 income in no time.

Let us help you be in control of your time, earnings, and freedom. Having your own business takes dedication, sacrifices and hard work in the beginning, but is very rewarding once everything is set up and running like a well-oiled machine.

So if you are ready to achieve your dreams, leave a heritage for your family, whatever your goal is, click the link below and get started learning and growing your online business! Don’t forget to ask about our coaching program.


Set your own rates


Set your own schedule


Chose who you work with

Services Offered

Here at Phyli’s Virtual Office, we are a full-service company that caters to the diverse needs of entrepreneurs and business owners. From social media management to website design, graphic design, administrative support, customer service, proofreading, email management, email marketing, remote project collaboration, virtual collaborations, and more, we’ve got you covered. Whether you need a helping hand for day-to-day tasks or assistance with specialized projects, our skilled team is here to lighten your workload and enhance your efficiency and productivity.

Website Design

Design sleek and modern websites with seamless functionalities that fits your brand.

Graphic Design

Creating beautiful designs for flyers, business cards, social media posts, ebook covers & more.

Email Management

Getting your inbox to zero, responding to incoming emails and scheduling outgoing emails.

E-Book Creation

We will help bring your manuscript to life and ready for printing or uploading.

Online Course Design

Teach what you know. Put your courses on a platform where you are your only competition.

General Administration

Email & database management, research, data entry, invoicing, follow ups, etc.


Converting your audio and video to text for you to use as needed.

Content Creation

Creating SEO content such as blogs, social media, web content, and more.

Social Media Management

Content Creation, Scheduling, and Organic Engagement done for you monthly.

Customer Support

Responding to customer enquiries via chat, social media, and phone.

Calendar Management

Ensuring timely follow-up calls and appointment setting for your clients.

Annual web hosting, domain name registration, professional email package

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