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According to a 2021 Small Business Trends report, time management was among the top five biggest non-COVID business challenges. Another article on the topic of challenges faced by small business owners pointed to the possibility of burnout resulting from an unhealthy work-life-balance. If you are like many startup owners or company executives, you will likely agree.

How can you make the most of the limited hours in each day, enhancing productivity and efficiency, without a cycle of chronic stress? Here are five time management tips to start practicing today:

  1. Set SMART goals

When setting goals for your business, it is easy to get lost in exaggerated ambition and mindless ambiguity. Avoid such a quandary by setting goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-based.

  1. Enforce time limits

A common practice by many business people is to put a limit on the time it will take to complete a task. But then they don’t always stick to that limit, and this can cause a time ripple that affects the completion of other tasks. Set realistic time goals for each tasks with an extra 5-10 minutes just in case something happens and unless there is an emergency situation, if you have set aside one hour to do something, ensure you do not go over that time.

  1. Be organized

With so many things on your plate as a business owner, it is important to organize each task so you can always know what comes next. For example, using a content calendar for your blog or social media will help you to plan and publish your posts in a timely manner.

  1. Practice prioritization

All tasks do not have the same level of priority or urgency. Each morning, examine your task list and then work on striking off those that are most pressing. Less urgent and non-critical matters can either be done at a later date or delegated to someone else.

  1. Get help

Speaking of delegating tasks, you may want to consider getting help with your workload if it becomes overwhelming. A virtual assistant, for example, can help with handling repetitive and administrative tasks, so you can find more time to deal with the actual running of your business. Need assistance with your day-to-day operations? Get in touch with us here. We are waiting to help you.

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